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TS Moly- Lubricants

TS-91 Guard Dog
Super Moly Treatment for Gear Oil

Guard Dog Super Moly Treatment is an ultra premium additive for oil used in final drives and transmissions of motorcycles. It is a proprietary blend of synthetic oil and moly and is compatible with all grades of gear oils.

Lessens metal-to-metal contact to reduce gear wear Lowers the temperature of the oil to reduce heat stress on gears.

Mix ratio is 15 to 1 (6.25%)

8.3 oz. Plastic Bottle
item#: TS-91-8
$19.80 US

1 Gallon Plastic Jottle
item#: TS-91-G
$123.75 US


Distributed by
Galaxy Eurosport

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TS-70 Moly Paste
Anti Seize

TS-70 is a general purpose moly paste (70% by weight of molybdenum disulfide) with many uses: splines, threaded fasteners, press fittings, tapping, boundry lubrication of parts assembly and make-up. Apply by brushing or burnishing.

TS-70 provides uniform and durable boundary lubrication under extreme pressure, in wet or corrosive enviroments and over a wide temperature range. It's coefficient of friction nearly approached that of pure MoS2 and superior wear protection is assured.

4 oz Plastic Jars

item#: TS-70
$11.55 US

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